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The goal of my projects with the NHL was to unite the worlds of hockey and celebrity. This was achieved through a few projects. Through Kamelot Productions, I pitched and developed ideas, booked talent, wrote, produced and edited segments. 


  • Breaking the Ice with Arthur Kade

  • NHL Celebrity Wrap

  • Celebrity Appearances and Promotions

Breaking the Ice with Arthur Kade

Crossover segment where Nashville Predators players Roman Josi and Ryan Johansen transformed into wrestlers with the help of WWE Superstars and Predators fans, Lana and Rusev.

WWE's Rusev and Lana turn Predators' Johansen, Josi into WWE Superstars I NHL I NBC Sports
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NHL Celebrity Wrap

A celebrity interview series in which hockey fans celebrated the sport, new fans were introduced to the game, and NHL initiatives were integrated into the projects that the talent promoted.

NHL Celebrity Wrap Reel